Geelong Gastro | Fees
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Consultation Fees:

Patients will be informed of consultation fees at the time of booking an appointment and will also be provided with written information in advance of attending for a consultation (time permitting). Medicare rebates apply to all consultation fees and generally cover between 65 -75% of the fee charged.  Fees are reduced for pensioner card holders. There are no additional fees for Department of Veterans Affairs gold card holders.  Full fees are payable on the day of consultation.  Cheque, credit card and EFTPOS facilities are available.

Private Endoscopy Fees:

Privately insured patients:  Fees relating to endoscopic procedures are charged directly to patients’ private health insurance funds and patients will not be charged a gap by Dr Beswick.

Uninsured patients:  Patients without private health insurance who elect to have procedures privately with Dr Beswick will be provided with details regarding likely out-of-pocket expenses prior to booking those procedures.