Geelong Gastro | For Doctors
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For Doctors

Dr Heerasing provides consultative services in all areas of gastroenterology. Areas of interest include include inflammatory bowel disease(IBD), clinical nutrition, coeliac disease, colorectal cancer prevention as well as functional gut disorders.

Dr Heerasing is actively involved in research in IBD and is interested in therapeutic drug monitoring as well as the use of novel therapies in this field. Moreover, he is also keen to explore the use of dietary strategies such as exclusive enteral nutrition in Crohn’s disease.

Referring doctors are encouraged to forward patient referrals to the practice via the encrypted messaging system Referral-Net or fax at the earliest possible time. All new referrals are triaged and more urgent cases will be offered earlier appointment times. Doctors are also encouraged to highlight the nature of clinical urgency and/or contact the practice to discuss individual cases.

Correspondence relating to all patient consultations will be forwarded to the referring doctor, electronically if preferred, usually within two working days of the consultation date.