Geelong Gastro | About Dr Dabkowski
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About Dr Dabkowski

I graduated from Melbourne University in 1983 and worked at the Royal Melbourne Hospital and then the Austin Hospital where I completed my specialist training in

Following this, I did three years of research in the area of transplantation immunology. The time I spent in the lab was both interesting and enjoyable and has led to a lifelong fascination of the mechanisms of disease at a molecular level.

I am involved in medical student teaching with Deakin University and committed to supporting public medicine thorough the Gastroenterology department of Barwon Health.

In recent years I have become interested in trying to understand addiction and through the practice of motivational interviewing to help facilitate behaviour change.

We try to run a high quality practice.  On a personal level it is not really possible to say anything about myself in a couple of lines that means much. I hope you feel listened to. My hands are usually warm. That’s a start.